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I’m tired, heh. It’s not like I’ve done much of anything today, but I’m still tired. I managed the one thing I *had* to do past childcare, which was bathing. I was commenting to Z that I wish it didn’t take so many spoons to handle bathing, ’cause I was feeling so freaking good for getting scrubbed off. I guess it’s pre-exhaustion at tomorrow and having to deal with people, and well…

Okay so like, I don’t know what it was about me, but I acquired a lot of mothers over the years. I don’t know if it’s because I was a super-polite friend to my friend’s parents, or they sensed that I needed the unconditional love and approval, but like. They’ve been a random cornerstone in my life, and probably have helped contribute to me still existing. The foremost of those (past my beloved mother-in-law) is my BFFFFF bat’s mom. Mom *is* Mom, and Mom is dying. I’m okay with that, as she’s made her peace with it eventuality. I’m sad that I don’t get to hug her one more time, but we can’t afford the trip. I can accept this as well. What I can’t accept is that she might die in hospital rather than at home because bat’s sister is a pushy bitch. I won’t go into depth, but basically, Mom is currently in hospital because of her interference, and I suspect that it’s going to end her nearly over life just that bit sooner. So at this point, I’m just hoping that one, she can get home before she dies, or that if she doesn’t, that she isn’t kept alive against her will to appease bat’s sister. Like, I know it’s odd, but if any of y’all are praying sorts, pray that she can die soon, and with the dignity of being at home that she desires. Also that it doesn’t happen on my birthday, because that’s always how it happens between me and bat. -__-


I’m going to go zone out now.



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