A Surplus of Cake

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Went into work. Got stuff done, got some other stuff not done, and managed to stump myself and a co-worker. I guess par for the course when I’m actually in the office, ha ha.

This is this Grumpycat, office edition.

But yeah, I’m going to die by cake before the week is out. We took in a cake to the office because ‘office rules’ are people bring a cake in on their birthday. As yesterday was the closest day to my birthday I was going to be in, I felt it was only proper. And then we picked up one for the house, and another for met o take out tomorrow.  In this, I’m thinking of anyone *but* myself. I don’t dislike cake, but I certainly don’t love it like I used to when I was younger. At least I opted for vanilla, which I can scarf down at a faster rate than chocolate? #brightside



I also treated myself to a little pre-birthday present when we were getting the cakes — new notebooks! They are nothing fancy, but I just felt that I needed a few new little ones to jot things in. For all my computer proficiency, I feel much happier making notes on paper. I read somewhere that the actual act of writing things helps to commit it to memory better than just typing out, and I guess? For me, I type stupid fast, so writing forces me to slow down my thoughts so I can get them down, which means they’re less likely to skitter off into the ducts. Or something. Really, all of that aside, I wanted, I acquired. 😀

Anyways, gonna go take my tired ass back to a bit of knitting. Ta ra!




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