Fistful of Tiny Hats

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img_20161113_190354486Today has been a good day. Even if I had to leave the house. We went over to E’s house so the kids could play, and I didn’t fall to pieces over her like I feared I would. We’d not hung out in person since Woolgate (as I’m calling it), though we’ve done our usual few lines of chatting most days. We had a good chat, but then, we usually do. The only ‘bad’ thing is that she can’t make it Wednesday, so I have to make my return solo. It’ll be fine. I know that most of my issues with going back are just because my brain is a paranoid wasteland.

But eh, at least I made some knitting progress while I was there. I did two or three of those fuzzy little blighters you see there. I think that’ll keep me busy enough until the wool for the snoods I’m knitting come in. Though I’m tempted to start on a pair of socks with some pretty 4-ply I’ve got laying about. I might start looking for a pattern that tempts tomorrow. Not tonight though. I’m going to go back to Stardew Valley. ;D


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