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img_20161112_202020048So, you know that snood I was knitting? It’s now been completely pulled back after talking to the person I’m making it for. She thought it would be cool if it was red and white stripes, so sure, why not. I ordered the wool for that and for the other one I’m making for her, so we’ll see how it looks. I don’t know if alternating every row is going to be the best, or doing it every couple of rows, but I’ll play with it once I’ve got the wool to hand. And since these are Christmas presents for her daughters, that really helps put my feet to the fire. For now, I’ve got to figure out what to keep my fingers busy. Tiny hats, sure, but I feel like I should do a pair of socks…

img_20161112_133712045Yanno, ’cause I’ve got new DPNs (double pointed needles) to christen! 😀 I re-upped my subscription to Let’s Knit a bit early so that I could claim the set, as I was going to want to buy them anyways. So this way I got them free, and they cost more than the price of the subscription anyways.  I loves them. I didn’t *need* another set of DPNs, but I wanted them. Yeah, I sort of have a needle addiction, ha ha. I’ve four sets of circulars, one set of straights, and now three sets of DPNs. But really, it’s my favourite non-gaming hobby, so I think it prudent to invest well into the tools of the trade. Especially pretty ones that make me happy to handle!



I am happy to report that I crossed the finish line of 50,000 this morning. Alas, I’ve not gotten the badge yet on for it, but I’m guessing they’ve not activated it yet (or might well be handing it out individually as accounts trigger a notice of some sort). I’m just glad it’s done. I’d gotten most of my brain weasels out and was running on fumes, ha ha. My best friend and Warder Matalina suggested that next time I want to do NaNoWriMo that I should consider doing memoirs to keep the subconscious flow going, and I might. That’s not going to happen for at *least* two more years, because I currently seem to be doing it alternating years. I’m not going to write that in stone though. Mainly though, I was happy to realise this was the first time that Mat and I were doing NaNo at the same time. We’ve always sort of missed each other in that. She’s doing really well too. When we spoke yesterday, she was around 40,000. I’m hoping to hear that she’s nailed it when we talk next on Monday.

Right, I’m going to go get back into Stardew Valley. This game is addictive. I’m not sure I’m going to escape. *giggles*


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