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img_20161111_145915107Today has been a busy day of not getting a lot done. Someone unfriended me on Facebook overnight on the hilariously thinnest butthurtiest premises and I have been having a bit of a laugh all day about that. Like, not even mad — I am seriously cracking up like none other from my amusement level. To add to that, this person went and unfriended pretty much every single person in the thread in question who was ‘mean’ to him. This, my friends, is my christening of male tears, ha ha.

((Not that I haven’t dealt with male tears before, but the butthurt was ultra real this time around xD))

Beyond that, I made a mess of work things, tended to the childling, and did a wee bit of knitting. I’m also checking out Stardew Valley, which miiiiight have been a bad idea. Which is to say, I am enjoying it so far and it’s distracting me from other things.

*stifles a yawn* So tired. I need to drag myself over to #fakenano and see if I can crank out another 1,200 words. That would put me in to ‘win’ it tomorrow morning. I might not make it though. I’m seriously just drooling on myself here.


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