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Beef, potato, carrot, onion, courgette and tomato. Bliss. <3

Tiiiiiiiiny eggpan!

Tiiiiiiiiny eggpan!

Z has a meeting tonight, so I pushed my spoonie self to be of use. I did some dishes and cleaning, I crockpotted us a lovely beef soup, and am currently child wrangling. That amounts to the big one being sorted and in bed, while the little one is sitting on me whining because I am doing something in addition to holding her. She thinks I should do that to the exclusion of everything. I’m trying to coordinate and cooperate, but she spent most of the morning/afternoon attached to me, and it’s really a miracle that I’ve not had a panic attack from being ‘trapped’ so much of the day. I guess because I got done what needed doing I was able to keep it together. I know I’ll feel a bit better about my situation once I’m done writing this.




I have managed obnoxiously little today, and the child-attached-to-me situation continuing doesn’t lend itself well to the task. I’m at 1,609 words for the day, and can probable eke out at least 2,000, but I was hoping to do better. I’m so close to being done, you know?

Anyways. Back to being a furniture. ¬¬


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