I Made It!

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zqhx5bilNot gonna lie — I was really freaking anxious about going to Stitch ‘n Bitch tonight. E couldn’t make it, so I was flying solo. I really, *REALLY* did not want to deal with the person I had a conflict with, and moreso without support. So deities were awesome, and that person was not there tonight. She reputedly phoned in sick. If she actually is, hope she convalesces swiftly. Having said that, there’s a low, mean, venal part of me that hopes she’s doing it because she was shitting bricks at the thought of having to deal with the ramifications of her rudeness.

But really, I’m glad to not having to have dealt with conflict. I just sort of zoned out and worked on my knitting. The first snood is just about halfway done, which is win. It gives me hopes that I can knock them both out of the park in fairly short order, say, over the weekend or something (if I can convince myself to knit rather than play Stardew Valley). Tonight felt like forever in the good sort of zoning out way, so I can hope to find that zen again and get it all worked through.

Anyways, it is late, and I should go to sleep so I’m not a complete grumpy wreck tomorrow. Fingers crossed the sleeping is gooooood based on the whole survived anxiety thing.


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