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h1When Z came home from work today, he came home with his hair freshly cut and an unexpected compliment. It seems it was the same lady who cut his hair once when I was there, and she remembered me as ‘that lady with the really long hair, some of the nicest I’ve ever seen’.  My hair is like, my #1 absolute vanity. I know it’s pretty. I don’t do a lot to it to make it so, other than trying to wash it like, once a week. I’m just seriously hooked up with some prettiness. I took this picture a few minutes ago at a friend’s behest, and like…. it needs washing. But it still looks the good kind of glossy and healthy.  It makes my face happy. *pats face*

My back is killing me right now. Maybe I’m knitting too hard. I probably am. It’s normally what makes my back crank out. But like, my love of knitting is back after the stressful time of the past couple of weeks! I made great progress last night, and while I haven’t made uber progress today for a myriad of reasons, like barnacle teething toddler and work-work and burying myself in Stardew Valley to zone out. I’m not too bothered; I think I will manage to make some real progress over the weekend. Hopefully. Maybe.

For the most part, I’m just going to keep doing what enables me to cope with the world being on fire outside of my window. Not literally; it’s actually quite rainy here. But with everything going down in the States with Trump winning the Presidency and making a horrifyingly inept mash of it *already*… nothing I can do about that from here outside of filling a bomb shelter with popcorn and watching what happens very warily.

So yeah. Stuff.


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