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A Wee Trick

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As a rule, I try to keep my projects on the go to a minimum. But being the second hat in a row I was doing (even if knit instead of crochet), I was getting a smidge bored. So starting a scarf that isn’t terribly wide, and is delightfully chunky… it’s kind of shoving me along. When I get to the… Read more »

Just Add Bodies

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Smalls had a scheduled playdate, and then invited another friend around. So we’ve just had a few hours of elephants up and down the stairs, and general mirth-making. It was nice in a way. While I wouldn’t want to take on that level of noise on the daily, it makes me happy to see Smalls spread her wings and play… Read more »

One and One

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I finished my crochet effort earlier, and then promptly decided that I was switching back to knitting. I don’t know how much progress I’ll actually make on it tonight, but that’s fine. At least I’ve got it started and joined up. And I’ve eaten well at dinner (fajitas!), so I went from feeling like a shaky wreck to not over the… Read more »

Charity Time

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First off, knitting was grand last night. Good company, good conversation, and good event planning. While we’re not a group that is 100% charity, we all like to contribute where we can. So we’ve already got a request for poppies, and some of us are making some hats and scarves to donate to one of the homeless shelters. I originally… Read more »

The Joy of Space

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I shifted the Christmas stuff off of the back desk-table, and moved my shop stuff back onto it. Oh my stars, the bliss of having the space reclaimed and useful to me! I’m not completely done with organising/reorganising. For example, I think the space between my two black cases is perfect to put my little lightbox in, and the stuff… Read more »

The Christenings

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Z bought me the spiffy, temp change Game Boy cup for Christmas, and the fairly accurate knitting mug for my birthday. I realised I should probably bless ’em with their respective beverages, and made it so. I like the heft of the Game Boy cup; I’ve done a lot better drinking water today since switching to it. That might just… Read more »

Ack, Mah Arm

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I did some Diablo 3 grinding with Smalls today. My arm is feeling a bit tender, since it meant concentrated play rather than sporadic. But I got her from about the middle of Act 1 to the end of Act 2, so that was pretty cool. I myself have circled back around to my US-side, because I’ve got me-grinding to do… Read more »

Not as Planned

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I made two sets of stitch markers to replace ones that had sold. Of course, I forgot that the stitch markers I had to hand were thicker than the ones I’d originally used, so they don’t measure up to what I’d intended. They’re still perfectly usable, so it comes as to whether or not I use the same name as… Read more »

Nothing Much

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We’ve not been up to much today, which is ideal. Smalls decided that she wanted to try her hand at Diablo 3, so she now has an account. She and Z played a bit together, which always makes me smile. He’s an awesome gamer parent, with a lot more patience than myself when it comes to co-oping with the girls. Even… Read more »

Party On

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Z and I went out for dinner to celebrate the whole me getting older thing. While we were there, I spotted this balloon hanging up against the ceiling, and thought it was probably the most apt photo I could take… so there you go. Happy birthday, random 13 year old probably boy child. Past that, being gamey, a bit knitty,… Read more »