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Z and I went out for dinner to celebrate the whole me getting older thing. While we were there, I spotted this balloon hanging up against the ceiling, and thought it was probably the most apt photo I could take… so there you go. Happy birthday, random 13 year old probably boy child.

Past that, being gamey, a bit knitty, a bit ‘thanks body, you suck’ round 50 of being ill. It’s not dire, but right now I’m being very annoyed by a headache that only fecked off for a short spell after applying heavy duty meds to it. It’s probably been longer than I think since I took them, but still… don’t appreciate it slamming back with near migraine-level force. Hopefully chucking more caffeine at it will make a difference… we’ll see.

For now, back to trying to find an elusive mob in Diablo 3. I was just running some bounties on Z’s account, when a mob dropped a pet that I absolutely must have asap. Zombies by and large aren’t my thing, but we *loved* iZombie, so this is a must-have for me.


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