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Before the Dark

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I had an easy Etsy order come in this afternoon, so I packed it up and walked it down to the Post Office in company of Smalls. It’s still so very dark at 5pm, but it’ll be bright until midnight before we know it. Beyond that, work was work, and the weekend is now. I put up a post on… Read more »

Air Dry

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After a successful day ‘at the office’, I topped it off by giving my hair a much-needed wash. It’s at the stage where it’s still a bit damp, but dry enough that I can leave it down and spread to do the rest of the job. I still need to wait a bit longer before giving it a brush, because… Read more »

Oh Yeah, That

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I have hardcore been slacking on my knitting, to the point it was tucked under some stuff instead of within arm’s reach. I fished it out, and have thus far acknowledged its existence. xD I can’t complain though, as there was some payoff this morning. I fully completed Season 19 on the┬áDiablo 3 EU server, and now have a new… Read more »

Eat It, Dave

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I misread what one had to do to complete the Season fully in┬áDiablo 3, and thought I had to complete 3 Challenge Rifts. It instead means I have to do something different, but I should be able to complete the at least one more of those to get my stash tab. Squeal? Squealllll. xD ((but really, Challenge Rifts are a… Read more »

Light Bright

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Lo, I had to go outdoors, and the sun was there, glaring and blaring. It was a decent-for-winter temperature as well, though I should’ve probably put my hood up over my hat for my ears’ sakes. But eh. I got out, I did the thing, I went home. And then I did the work thing. So yanno, more or less… Read more »

Something Pleasant

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I’m still feeling ill today, so I figured… here, have a picture of something pleasant. I’ve got to ribbon up a couple of the hearts to replenish my stock; I’ve had an Etsy order in overnight, so I need at least one for that. It marks my 80th sale, so that’s sort of cool. I need to restock some of… Read more »


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I’m not sure what, if anything, I did to myself, but I have been dealing with fatigue so deep that I am in pain. I don’t think that I’ve done anything to warrant that since… last weekend? Monday? Whenever it was that I did all that hardcore cleaning. The crash, if any, shouldn’t take so long to come down, so… Read more »

Lapping It Up

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Even though she, technically, is too big to curl up in my lap, Smaller still finds ways. I’m not complaining per se; it can only last so much longer. However, when she keeps camping out and I’m trying to work… well. In the proper child fashion, she lost interest around the time I decided I was done working for the… Read more »

Me and My Void

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Batman was doing a lot of hovering and whining this morning for some reason. I never did figure out the reason, but he at least graced the back of my chair with his presence briefly. Of course, he was doing this while I was trying to get my head in the right frame of mind to work. I was undecided… Read more »

Quality *snerk*

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I took this picture earlier today on a walk to the Post Office with the girls. I had an order yesterday right before going to bed, so even if the Post Office is closed because it’s a bank holiday, I printed the postage and got into the box. Recipient won’t get it until Friday at the soonest probably, but at… Read more »