Air Dry

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After a successful day ‘at the office’, I topped it off by giving my hair a much-needed wash. It’s at the stage where it’s still a bit damp, but dry enough that I can leave it down and spread to do the rest of the job. I still need to wait a bit longer before giving it a brush, because brushing hair when it’s wet is hey, actually a bad idea. There’s every chance that I’ll just whack it in a braid and brush it tomorrow morning, but I know that it’s a luxury that I can do that. That I can take all nearly three feet of my hair, and brush it out fully in less than 20 strokes. I know, sounds implausible, but I counted recently. xD

What else, what else. Nothing, really. The weather remains cold, wet, and uninteresting with no sign of snow. Work is work, Brexit still apparently means Brexit, and I am doing my damnest to ignore the wider world for the moment. I ‘d rather spend my limited energy thinking about baking bread, rather than dwelling on the continuation of illegal wars. I’m glad that most of my friends still in service are hitting retirement age now, so hopefully will avoid having to be involved in the newest round of bs. Which means we’re heh heh, old, but I’ll wait to dwell on that until over the weekend, ha ha.

Right, hi, bye, have a goodun.


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