Oh Yeah, That

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I have hardcore been slacking on my knitting, to the point it was tucked under some stuff instead of within arm’s reach. I fished it out, and have thus far acknowledged its existence. xD

I can’t complain though, as there was some payoff this morning. I fully completed Season 19 on the Diablo 3 EU server, and now have a new stash tab, and an angelic treasure goblin pet. I’ve also made sure to acquire the Royal Calf pet for myself on the US server, and for Z on the EU server. I don’t know if I’m going to do it for him on the US server as well. Trying to grind x4 to get stash tabs for everyone is a lot of work as-is, even with being able to powerlevel back and forth, and yanno, all hail spinny barbarian as the coolest build ever.

Right, gonna go do… something something. Have a goodun.


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