The Joy of Space

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I shifted the Christmas stuff off of the back desk-table, and moved my shop stuff back onto it. Oh my stars, the bliss of having the space reclaimed and useful to me! I’m not completely done with organising/reorganising. For example, I think the space between my two black cases is perfect to put my little lightbox in, and the stuff currently resting there can go elsewhere.

Beyond that, I had another good day of working. I made one tiny change that seems to be paying off — I’m connecting to the remote server from my desktop rather than my laptop. I’m still using my laptop for looking up stuff, but because it requires less of a turn for me to glance from the desktop-facing angle, and it’s my dominant eye, it seems to be working out to keep me better focused on the task at hand. Or it could just be a coincidence. Whatever the case, I’m glad to feel like I’m making a dent in my personal backlog.

Right, back to giving the stitch markers I made last night a second go-over, and if I’m lucky, they’ll tell me what their name is. If I’m lucky. *chuckles*


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