The Christenings

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Z bought me the spiffy, temp change Game Boy cup for Christmas, and the fairly accurate knitting mug for my birthday. I realised I should probably bless ’em with their respective beverages, and made it so. I like the heft of the Game Boy cup; I’ve done a lot better drinking water today since switching to it. That might just be incidental because it’s cool and new, but still… yay… water? The coffee was because I’ve been getting slamming headaches around midday recently, so I figured a coffee might help stave it off. It didn’t hurt, so that’s as good as.

Work was booom good today, hee hee. D finished the year end process that we have to do monthly, and put out the 50 million invoices I needed to post. Which I did! And then I caught 12 of our 5 million blocks up to date. Oh okay, more like 12 out of 96, but anyways.


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