Not as Planned

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I made two sets of stitch markers to replace ones that had sold. Of course, I forgot that the stitch markers I had to hand were thicker than the ones I’d originally used, so they don’t measure up to what I’d intended. They’re still perfectly usable, so it comes as to whether or not I use the same name as the bigger ones and have it as a drop-down option, or go somewhere completely different with them. And in the interim, I’ve got more jump rings coming in of the size I want.

It’s been a chuffing productive day, for which I am happy. I got through a tidy pile of work. I finished the complete season for Z on the EU server in Diablo 3. I’m currently running the Tristram event on a new character on the US side of things for myself, and mulling whether I am going to powerlevel her with Z’s account and determine if I can make a non-Barb an overpowered delight. I rolled a Wizard, which is historically one of my favourite classes, so. We’ll see!


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