Ack, Mah Arm

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I did some Diablo 3 grinding with Smalls today. My arm is feeling a bit tender, since it meant concentrated play rather than sporadic. But I got her from about the middle of Act 1 to the end of Act 2, so that was pretty cool. I myself have circled back around to my US-side, because I’ve got me-grinding to do still. That’s rifts and more rifts to get three gems up to 70, but after that… it’s more or less done, and I can think about *playing*, ha ha.

What else… work was meh. I think that we’ll be able to say that the year ends are done today, depending on what D in the office managed. I had to chuck two of the biggest at him ’cause they were messy, but eh. It gets done, life moves on. And whether I continue on with my current plan to take a four-day weekend, or take a day before then remains to be seen. I’ll figure it out later.

For now… stuff, things, etc.


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