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The weather has been very tempermental today. It started out a bit humid and gross, but a few rainfalls and clouds moving in, bit of temp drop… it’s just about lovely now. 🙂 Had a nice visit with mum; I missed last week, and thought I was going to only get a part-visit today. Smalls needs to go to the… Read more »


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I had a random urge earlier to organise my sewing box. There’s a tray on the top, and then a large empty space that previously contained a tangle of various embroidery threads. Now they are bagged up by colour, and each bag labelled with contents (and translation to their colourways in DMC, as it’s DFN and Anchor in the box… Read more »

Bestest Boy

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I was annoying Batman by holding him like a wee baby, and Z took a few pictures. You can see how much he suffers, ha ha. I can get away with it by and large, a few minutes here and there, and Z can do the same with Poison. Our cats definitely have slightly preferred humans. 🙂 I have, just… Read more »

Not Quite Yet

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Summer is having what I hope is its last gasp. We’ve got the a/c on, blinds closed, and it’s more or less tolerable inside. It’s supposed to relent after tomorrow, but I’ll believe it when it’s gone and done. Still, I look forward to getting desk space back in the near future (for the gap between now and December, at… Read more »


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So. Yesterday, I took a compass. I drew a circle to my specifications. I started transcribing curve to cube. And then today, I felt myself compelled to start colouring. I actually finished, but I think I’ll keep that image a bit more hidden. *grins* I got it in my head earlier that I could monetise my efforts so far, and… Read more »

A Lovely Start

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Smaller decided that she wanted to try her hand at cross-stitch. I found an easy pattern, talked her through bits… and well, I had to be available to constantly rethread her needle and verify she was going in the right place, but it was an excellent start! I ended up helping finish off the yellow section (she picked the colours)… Read more »

He’s Fine

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I caught him sitting atop the couch looking delicate and bitchy, and he dutifully posed long enough for me to take a few pictures. Me, not so well. The last couple of days I’ve been feeling a bit crap. I don’t think it’s anything more than a wee bug, but I did end up bowing out of visiting Mum this… Read more »

Colour Theory

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It doesn’t photograph very well, ’cause my lights needs swapping out for something that hasn’t gone browny-yellow, but! There are three colours there now. The leftmost edge is a dark pink, and the main body is a brighter rose-y red. I’ll embroider the pips over the top at random intervals once I get all of the stuff done, which should… Read more »