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I had a random urge earlier to organise my sewing box. There’s a tray on the top, and then a large empty space that previously contained a tangle of various embroidery threads. Now they are bagged up by colour, and each bag labelled with contents (and translation to their colourways in DMC, as it’s DFN and Anchor in the box at current).

I also managed to make and list a third pattern. I meant to do a banana today, but bananas are hard. Apples are a large degree easier. Plus, I think it looks a lot nicer than the crappy one I did that kicked off the current series. I also need to design a pineapple at some point to replace the one that I didn’t create… every chance it’ll beat banana because as said — harrrrrd. *chuckles*

For now though, gonna mull and knit. Party.


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