Bestest Boy

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I was annoying Batman by holding him like a wee baby, and Z took a few pictures. You can see how much he suffers, ha ha. I can get away with it by and large, a few minutes here and there, and Z can do the same with Poison. Our cats definitely have slightly preferred humans. 🙂

I have, just about, got a cross-stitch pattern or two ready to go. I’m still getting a few things tweaked, but it’s nearly there. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone like, actually wants the patterns besides friends. I think the two that I have more or less complete are pretty top notch quality, so.

I also made a prototype choker. I’ve never made one before, but I had an enquiry as to whether or not I could do one in a certain colourway. So I did, and even if the person who asked doesn’t want it, it’s pretty encouraging and attractive for those who do like that sort of thing.

*drums fingers* Right, back to things.


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