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The weather has been very tempermental today. It started out a bit humid and gross, but a few rainfalls and clouds moving in, bit of temp drop… it’s just about lovely now. 🙂

Had a nice visit with mum; I missed last week, and thought I was going to only get a part-visit today. Smalls needs to go to the interchange to get some football boots for school, and had suggested that they go today since the plan was McDinner to celebrate. As we only have the one car, etc. But they got home from school and declared themselves knackered, so they’ll troop down tomorrow instead. We still had the McDee though, so yanno, party.

I had a flash of inspiration earlier. See, I’ve had lots of friends offering ideas for Sweary Fruits… and honestly, most I don’t want to make for my shelf. But I’m not against making them to sell, so I might try my hand at a few ideas over the weekend.

For now, need to pick back a few rows on my sock heel and attempt to snug up a few wobbly stitches.


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