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So. Yesterday, I took a compass. I drew a circle to my specifications. I started transcribing curve to cube. And then today, I felt myself compelled to start colouring. I actually finished, but I think I’ll keep that image a bit more hidden. *grins* I got it in my head earlier that I could monetise my efforts so far, and this was backed up by a friend making the selfsame suggestion on their own steam. It’ll probably take a job of work to convert it properly to a pattern, and this particular one is in excess of 2,000 crosses, so. But it only uses four colours, so it should be a pretty friendly project for interested parties.

The kids had their first day back at school today; it seems to have gone well. I didn’t expect otherwise; whatever reticence in the lead-up to returning seemed to not be around when we were all up bright and early this morning. Yeah, I managed the pre-7 without dying. Z and I were both somewhat amused what a huge difference that hour first hour made in feeling… prepared? I mean, I don’t work on Mondays, so it was just more time to craft and plot. We’ll see how it applies to work tomorrow.

Right, I’m off.


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