A Lovely Start

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Smaller decided that she wanted to try her hand at cross-stitch. I found an easy pattern, talked her through bits… and well, I had to be available to constantly rethread her needle and verify she was going in the right place, but it was an excellent start! I ended up helping finish off the yellow section (she picked the colours) ’cause it was hard for her to see what she was doing, even with a lamp, but yeah. Proud of her for giving it a go. I had to tell her to go do something else ’cause she was starting to get bored and huffy; I don’t want her to get bored or feel pressured to keep going when she wants to do other things.

But really, yay for one of the progeny finally taking an interest in handicraft!

I had a query on a custom item overnight, which has me thinking about ribbons and crimps and 90s fashion. I’m waiting to hear back from the person in question, but like… chokers might well be a thing coming in the nearest future. I can’t wear them, so I hadn’t thought about doing them, but I’m always happy to consider new ideas//develop new skills.

For the mo, back to my watermelon. I am SUPER pleased with how the colours are working out.


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