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My Prism Polish order was delivered this morning, and it’s a box of much excite. I’m going to be doing my nails tomorrow morning, and I haven’t made up my mind what I want to do. I think there’s a good chance that I’m going for double Yennifer — Lilac and Gooseberries on one hand, and Four Marks Worth on… Read more »

Down and Around

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It’s looking like I am gonna have a finished pair of socks tonight — woot! I don’t know what pattern I want to do for the next one, but I guess I’ll figure that out once I pull wool out of the stash and look at it. Smalls came down after bedtime last night because her ear was hurting. She… Read more »


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I ended up spending an inordinate amount of time this morning fussing over my nails. But hey, it’s my day off, so I can do that. I’m happy with how they came out, and feel like I got my head around some nail maintenance under the polish as well. Bonus — it’s another shade that compliments my knitting, ha ha…. Read more »

Worship Me, Human

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If there is one thing Batman adores, it’s a captive audience. So yanno, go to use the bathroom, try to enjoy some quiet time? Lulz naw, here comes the curry cavalry. Good thing I like his face. Past that, eh. Smalls wrangled a playdate at her bestie’s house; she should be home shortly. I’m glad that they’re taking these things… Read more »


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I’m not really up to much today, which is grand. I made my first purchase at Prism Polish last night; there’s a bit of a waiting time for orders right now, but that’s fine. I still have lots of new-to-me a-england to explore. Anyways. Hi, bye. I should go think about working on my sock or something. <3


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Not really a lot going on right now. Smalls talked her father into taking her down to the village hall to see some of her friends, so it’s just me and Smaller doing our own thing in our respective bubbles. I should probably nudge her to consider going to bed, but eh. It’s Friday, and she’s pretty good about admitting… Read more »


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I completely missed out on taking my meds last night, which led to some not great sleep. I woke up bright and early and disturbingly perky, albeit with a headache. The full sleep hangover I expected to hit hasn’t, though my ability to focus has been pretty much non-existent. But that’s fine! I didn’t really have a lot of work… Read more »

The Rudest

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Shortly after I woke up this morning, I got slammed with a sharp pain in the head and a strong wave of fatigue. I threw pain meds and caffeine at in and managed to stay upright, but man. Rude. And that’s more or less set the tone for the day. I did manage to work-work, but it was a slow… Read more »

The Unexpected

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We received communique from the school last night that the boiler was acting up, but that school would be in session. This morning… not so much. But the only point we could confirm it was a text to me. Z didn’t get one. It wasn’t on FB, it wasn’t on the school website… until AFTER everyone had time to walk… Read more »