The Unexpected

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We received communique from the school last night that the boiler was acting up, but that school would be in session. This morning… not so much. But the only point we could confirm it was a text to me. Z didn’t get one. It wasn’t on FB, it wasn’t on the school website… until AFTER everyone had time to walk down, find out there was no school, and to go back home. Ah well. *chuckles*

Smalls and her friends made the best of it. Her boyfriend came over, and her best friend, and another classmate later… and all of them were ricocheting across the village visiting houses, trying to go to the park (packed ’cause kids off of school), and so on. I’m really happy that they’re confident enough to do this. My generation was raised on a very unhealthy diet of Stranger Danger, so seeing them be confident enough to roam around their home ground is blissful to me. Yes, having mobile phones adds a big degree of confidence to those movements, which yanno, good. I certainly was against it before the kids were born, but seeing how much braver Smalls feels when going out in the world… can’t knock it.

As for me, I decided I’d go ahead and do the work thing today, since my space was invaded. The kids weren’t a bother at all, mind — just not conducive to quiet and relaxation of the degree I take when everyone else is gone on a Monday. I might well put my day off off until Wednesday in favour of getting the February year ends processed. We’ll see what I feel up to tomorrow.

For now, back to gaming and knitting and being altogether cheered by my insular local world.


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