The Rudest

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Shortly after I woke up this morning, I got slammed with a sharp pain in the head and a strong wave of fatigue. I threw pain meds and caffeine at in and managed to stay upright, but man. Rude.

And that’s more or less set the tone for the day. I did manage to work-work, but it was a slow and plodding thing. But that’s also fine, because it was specifically relating to the February year ends, so between what bits I did yesterday and today, I’m hoping bossmang in the office was pleased to return from holiday to see that nudging along. I made sure to email him before logging off to get him caught up on the things, and well. We’ll see what if anything happens tomorrow. If I’m still feeling ill, I might throw in the towel and let sleep happen. Naps tend to make me feel even worse, but if I’m ill enough, it helps sometimes.

For now, gonna go digest dinner, knit a bit, game a bit… maybe get some more caffeine and pain meds in me.


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