Worship Me, Human

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If there is one thing Batman adores, it’s a captive audience. So yanno, go to use the bathroom, try to enjoy some quiet time? Lulz naw, here comes the curry cavalry. Good thing I like his face.

Past that, eh. Smalls wrangled a playdate at her bestie’s house; she should be home shortly. I’m glad that they’re taking these things into their own hands, and wondered aloud to Z as to when all of us adults just sort of shrug rather than assuring each other that their child is welcome. I suspecet it’ll be sooner rather than later, ha ha.

Oh yeah, and stupid headache is stupid. I should probably take something for that. I keep forgetting until it randomly stabs ’cause Smaller is sitting next to me playing Minecraft, and egging me on to play for her edification as well. *gets stabbed again* Thanks thanks, on it.



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