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And Off

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We took the girls around to see Z’s parents, as is done most Saturdays. I tagged along, because we figured we’d only be there for 20-30 minutes, and just in general to bolster spirits by all showing our faces. We ended up being there an hour and a half, and while that wasn’t what we expected, I think everyone enjoyed… Read more »

Big Mood

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I have, probably excessively, mentioned how clingy Batman has been lately. So it was sort of amusing to me to catch that he was standing on the couch staring at me out of the corner of his eye… but somehow managing to not look at him to the point that he wasn’t shouting. He just… stood there… for like, five+… Read more »

On a Mission

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I had a hankering to wander down to the Post Office to take stock of what was available. The answer? Pretty much everything besides eggs… not that I was there for eggs; I overheard someone asking. Naw, the thing I was after was plain straight skettipastas, of which they had a good enough stock of that I didn’t feel bad… Read more »

Exceptionally Clingy

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I’m not really sure why, but Batman has been extra clingy lately. Like, normally he’ll flee if he thinks I’m even thinking about picking him up, but he’s been tolerant-ish of it. I’ve dragged him over for the indignity a couple of times, though now he’s naffed off to who knows where. For now. ¬¬ The word has finally come… Read more »

Just Crow Things

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I just finished spending the last of my birthday-Christmas money on another ridiculous quantity of nail polish… and it feels good. And I know, I know, hoarding shiny things isn’t actually a crow thing, it’s more of a magpie thing, but I like crows better and feel that it’s okay to use the stereotype in this case. Nail polish used… Read more »

A Rubbish Joke

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I had to run an Etsy order down to the Post Office this morning, when I spotted this sticker on a neighbour’s bins. It amused me ’cause I think he’s a builder or repairman of some stripe, so he would’ve had them on and for his van. I’m a dork; I love little humourous asides like this. I wish I… Read more »


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Today has been about self-insulation of the soul, of embracing the soft and fluffy, and just like… not dwelling on shit too much. I’m increasingly convinced that the UK’s approach to the pandemic is the wrong one and we should already be self-isolating, but like… I don’t know. I’m just keeping an eye on the news and hoping for the… Read more »

Turned Around

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After pulling everything out, I’m turned around past the point I had to unpull, which is yay. This pattern works a lot better with this sort of wool. The stitches still aren’t super defined, but it still works. I made a point to go over to Z’s parent’s house with him when he went to pick up the children. Folx,… Read more »

Begin Again

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I realised when I was out last night that I needed to pull out all my work on my sock. Besides effin’ up the pattern a few minor ways, the wool itself doesn’t have the right stitch definition for the pattern. I’ve printed out a different pattern to use this wool with, and made a note on the pattern I… Read more »

Llama Llama Catbutt

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I was intending to hurry back to my desk and work, when Poison looked at me. So I went over to say hi, give and get pets, and generally be amused at her chilling with her friends. But really, you resist that face, I dare you. *chuckles* It’s knitting tonight, and I am going out hell or high water. I… Read more »