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I have, probably excessively, mentioned how clingy Batman has been lately. So it was sort of amusing to me to catch that he was standing on the couch staring at me out of the corner of his eye… but somehow managing to not look at him to the point that he wasn’t shouting. He just… stood there… for like, five+ minutes. The siege broke when the doorbell rang, at which point he fucked off upstairs.

Today has been a day of trivial ups and downs. Up — nail polish arriving. Up — Deramores having a one day BOGOFF on four-ply (aka sock) wool. Down… not having any pennies to spend on it. A part of me REALLY wants to flutter lashes at Z until he concurs I need more wool for this quarantine period, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. I’m having to sit on my metaphorical hands to not be a pushy bitch, ngl.  But at least I did something productive in the getting money stakes, and put a few sales up for my old nail polish stuff. A part of me really hopes someone throws money at me tonight so I can justify said yarn… but yanno, in my dreams. *chuckles ruefully* Having said that, if (almost) anyone wants to throw £30 at me, hit me up.

Smalls did a really good job of getting usernames out of her classmates today, which is pleasing. She’s been chat-gaming ever since she got home, and it’s sweet to hear. Having said that, it probably will get tired fast having yet another audio stream coming right in my ear. I am not going to hold that against her though; I’m glad that she’s able to play with her friends. Smaller is going to have a harder time of it because her year is too young to have a lot of that going on, and we can’t really be doing playdates, so. At least we can potentially organise a virtual playdate or two with A as things tick along.

Right, gonna go… something something.


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