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I just finished spending the last of my birthday-Christmas money on another ridiculous quantity of nail polish… and it feels good. And I know, I know, hoarding shiny things isn’t actually a crow thing, it’s more of a magpie thing, but I like crows better and feel that it’s okay to use the stereotype in this case. Nail polish used to be my thing in high school, and I fell out of the habit hard during my military time. Getting back into it with quality polishes and the freedom to redo my nails as often as I like is making me really happy. And, thankfully, I’ve got more ND friends who understand that there is  a wee bit of an ND underlayer to this whole thing, and can support and love it with me even if it’s not their thing. Z has been doing an awesome job of it, bless him. *chuckles*

On the world pandemic stage, things are more or less the same here. Schools still haven’t been closed, though a lot of parents are already pulling their children out. While it would be pretty simple for everyone in the office to move their work home, there hasn’t been a push within the group to make that happen yet. I’m not complaining; I love my family, but not having alone time if/when we go into quarantine is gonna be a bit rough on all of us.

But that’s… whenever it will be. For now, I celebrate incoming shinies and let that lift me up.


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