Exceptionally Clingy

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I’m not really sure why, but Batman has been extra clingy lately. Like, normally he’ll flee if he thinks I’m even thinking about picking him up, but he’s been tolerant-ish of it. I’ve dragged him over for the indignity a couple of times, though now he’s naffed off to who knows where. For now. ¬¬

The word has finally come down from on high — schools are closed as of Friday afternoon for the foreseeable future. Foreseeable… been typing this word so many times lately that I can finally spell it right. Heh. The girls thankfully have a handful of educational games that they like, so we’ll be encouraging them to spend a bit of time on those. We both agree that it’s not about giving them a full course of education — EVERYONE they got to school with is similarly disadvantaged by school being closed. We’ll see how it goes, as it goes. For now, all we can do is remember to breathe… and wash our hands.


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