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I completely missed out on taking my meds last night, which led to some not great sleep. I woke up bright and early and disturbingly perky, albeit with a headache. The full sleep hangover I expected to hit hasn’t, though my ability to focus has been pretty much non-existent. But that’s fine! I didn’t really have a lot of work that needed my attention, so I could be unfocused.

One thing I finally did get done was washing and restuffing Small’s oldest best friend, Moocow. Smalls felt that I overstuffed, but I pointed out that it would compress a bit before she knew it. I could’ve crammed in more, but as she said — her friend is a bit harder than she’s used to. But then, said Moocow hasn’t really had any stuffing to speak of for years, so yeah… any stuffing was gonna be a difference.

*yawns* Right, gonna go poke at House Flippers. I’ve done the first two jobs and I am amused.


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