Slowly Forward

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I’ve not done a lot today, which is fine by me. I’ve done some knitting, I’ve taken care of the kids, and I’ve continued wallowing in the ancient fun of the original Civilization. I started the day sort of worrying that I wasn’t going to be able to cope with the kiddos, but Smallhausen stepped up in a big way…. Read more »

Nostalgia Rush

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With Civilization VI having come out, and being waaaaaaaaaaaay out of my price range, I got to waxing whimsical on the first entry to the series. Z and I were sitting here trying to remember what colour all the teams were, so I was like… whelp, I now have an obligation to bust open the game and find out. I… Read more »

Iffin’ it Fits, I Sits I Sits

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We get a lot of Amazon packages in because we’re not exactly fans of shopping in stores. I’m not sure why we suggested to Littlerbit that she sit in it, but she went for it. It was adorably ‘if I fits I sits!’ a la many a cat on the Internet. All I know is that my brain tries to… Read more »


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I’m glad that it’s cooler for not only my enjoyment of it being colder, but because I’ve had a hot date with my heating pad all day. I’d taken some pain meds after waffling for a bit on whether or not I could get away with not taking any, and took ’em in the nick of time. Ish. At least,… Read more »


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I read something the other day that claimed that photographing your meals actually makes them taste better. [[Citation needed]], and I cannot be bothered to go find it and whether or not it was true, but I remembered it as I sat down to dinner and decided to take a picture of my sausage and mash. Because why not. But… Read more »

Let There Be Cake (and Chairs)

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We as a family went to the grocery store the other day. We do that sometimes on a weekend to spend too much money on assorted junk, but also just to get out of the house and do *something*. While we were there, I picked up a cake mix. I’d not baked anything in a really long time and I… Read more »

Bumbling Along

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It’s been a day of like, daying. Knitting happened, work happened, and gaming happen. I mean like, it was productive and all that. I got a good chunk of work processed, which was pleasing. I keep telling myself that this is the week that I am going to get caught up, and it might well be. One of today’s game-y… Read more »

Om Nom Nom

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We went shopping on Saturday, and this is what I came away with (in addition to the ice cream pictured yesterday). What can I say, I’m a mature adult. *whistles* Not that I am one to moralise about anyone’s eating or snacking habits. Yeah, we probably all eat too much processed sugar, but whatever. It’s delicious, and my feet aren’t… Read more »

Dinner is Served

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Why yes, that is a large bowl of strawberry ice cream. We were out for a party for one of Smallhausen’s friends at lunchtime, so we all had a hot lunch then. When we were at the grocery store yesterday I was reminded of my desire for strawberry ice cream, so voila. I might well have another bowl, yanno, seeing… Read more »

Meow Meow Meow

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Knitting! Cats! Meow! I’ve finished the little cat set thingie that I wanted to make. Well, almost. I still need to put the buttons on the scarf, maybe run them through the wash with fabric softener before that, but still. I’m quite pleased. I can only hope that the intended recipients like my efforts. Now, I’m not any sort of… Read more »