Cat, Stop

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Today I learned that it’s possible to be harassed by a cat to the point where one almost succumbs to an anxiety attack… I wish I was exaggerating here. Batman spent a solid couple of hours hovering around me wanting attention, and like. Am I dying or something? Cat. Stop. Go awaaaay.

Having said that, Z figured it out and helped me turn the tide from needybutt. I’d busted out the laser and played with him for a bit, and he wanted more. But me, anxiety makes me a bit of a thicky, so it didn’t occur to me until he pointed it out. I gave him a bit more laser shaking, and then passed on the ‘duty’ to the other side of the room. And sure enough, he’s been leaving me alone since.

Cat-based anxiety aside, it’s been a pretty good day. I got everything caught up work-wise in preparation for year ends tomorrow. I’ve had a good bath and now have hair that isn’t trying to stand up on its own (not that it was that bad; I’m definitely exaggerating here xD). It’s the weekly clapfest tonight, so I made sure to chuck on an amusing shirt for the neighbours to comment on. They always take notice of Z’s shirts, so I figured I’d make the effort.

Oh, and I got a post up on my craft blog for the first time in *mumble mumble*. Hopefully I can get back into the habit. We’ll see.


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