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Some nail polish I ordered what feels like forever ago finally arrived. It’s pretty and I look forward to getting it on my fingers in the next couple of days. Well. I think it was about 2 weeks ago I ordered it? I’d won the £5 credit draw two Wednesdays back, and ordered my pretties asap. She’s only shipping on Wednesdays right now, fair enough, but I guess I didn’t quite expect it to take another week. I’m not mad though; I recognise that the Post Office is dealing with a lot of post with less people, just like most industries deemed essential.

We surprised Smaller with a video call with one of her classmates. It helps that we like the kiddo’s parents as well, and the call lasted longer than any of us probably expected. *chuckles* We also helped friend’s dad get set up in Minecraft so he and/or childling can play with our ilk, so that’ll be nice for them.

Anyways, between that and work, I am knackered, so I am going to go back to casting off this blanket. I’ve deemed it of a good size for lap use, and will go for the same sort of scale on the next one. Whether I cast that on immediately, or do a bit of sock first remains to be seen.


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