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I was pleased this morning; the adaptor I needed for my monitor came in a day early. Z even had it swapped out for me before I swanned downstairs for the day. Happy face? Yes, definitely happy face. I’m back in my game of The Witcher 3 along with the other things I’m doing, so. Woo. Etc.

Past that, it’s been more or less a normal day. We had a minor incident where Z raised his voice at Smaller, but I gave her cuddles and a talking with, and she was brave, and talked it out with her father. She apologised for not listening to his requests that she let him focus on his task, and he apologised for raising his voice. I’m proud of both of them; conflicts are rough. We’re all pretty good in the house about validating each other’s feelings in such instances, but every time I see it in action, I’ve got a dose of quiet awe for it. 🙂

*claps hands* Right! Pizza is on the way, not that the girls know yet, so that’ll be a nice surprise. I’m going to poke at my games and my knitting and chill.


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