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I made a quick effort to dump out some of the toy kits into a bag… it’s a full bag, and I know I have oodles of other toy kits around. Ah well. *laughs* I’ve finished the gray I was working on yesterday and joined on some yellow; it’s starting to feel less awkward now that I’m getting stuck back into it. Having said that? I might call this current blanket done and hand it off to children insisting they need more blankets. Bless em, it’s not like I’m going to stop making blankets anytime soon, ha ha.

Past that, it’s not been much of a do anything day. The closest thing to ‘important’ I’ve done is paint my nails… and do terrible, terrible photography of them. The level of inherent sparkle makes my phone camera nope. I think that (besides getting a shinier phone sometime this year), I just need to suck it up and do my nail photography with my proper camera. Which will also probably come out terrible, but better terrible. xD Nah like, I need to practice more with it, I know.

Right, gonna go work on my knitting some more, and zone out and that sort of thing.


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