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And One (To Bind Them)

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When I started my thread-buying party last week, I figured I’d look up potential storage ideas. Immediately, the idea of a binder with pocket sleeves caught my eye, so that’s what I’m doing. I’ve not got all the thread ported in, but I’ve made a start. I’ll pick it up after I finish here. Not been a lot going on… Read more »

Not a Peach

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Peaches — not the only fruit in a can, har har har. Z did a gammon joint for dinner tonight, which means I got to eat most of a tin of pineapples to the bemusement of the children. What can I say, I love me some pineapple. Not been up to a lot today, which is perfect for a Sunday…. Read more »

Did It Again

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And lo, I’ve taken my second pass of the pride flag colours and put in another order for thread. Plus a few extra thread shades, and one ball of clearance sock yarn. I’ve still got a nice pot in my fun money, and I’ve got a generous Christmas bonus that will add to that in a few weeks. Plus birthday/Christmas… Read more »


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I was adjusting Poison’s nest, when I realised that Z’s jumper was behind the pillow, instead of being spread out like a blanket. I wasn’t sure of the best approach, so I chucked it on top of her. She gave me a look, but tolerated it until I came immediately back up and quickly put her on top of it…. Read more »

Hoop Dreams

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Aaah, I am going to do so much cross-stitch in the near future. I’ve gotten the dispatch notice on the thread I bought yesterday. I have so many hoops. I’m juuuust about done with my first stab at a flag, and I don’t completely dislike it. Gonna offer it up to my FB friends to see if anyone wants it… Read more »


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I was looking around to see if I could find DMC threads at a good price. I was just about to accept that the price on the DMC website was best, I found it for nearly half that at Wool Warehouse. I ran loads of pride flags through my pattern software and made a spreadsheet of colours, and then just… Read more »


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*checks* Woo, spelled that right! I figured it was the right word for the random crafty bits that are covering this segment of my desk. It’s mainly organised chaos though, so that’s nice. Sharp eyes will spot what’s on my tiny hoop — it’s a pride flag. I ran one through my cross-stitch program, and then tweaked the colours to… Read more »

And Flop

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And thus, I have made my last entry into the outside world for the year (and hopefully, for months to come). It was one of those regular afab check-ups, a minor nuisance to deal with, but never mind. I booked in around the school run time, so I got to say hi to and smile at a bunch of people… Read more »


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So. We’re doing a pretty good job of staying on top of the kitchen after the decluttering last month. There are still some bits that need to go to the garage, but that requires either of us having a brain spoon to make that happen. We’ll get it there, sooner or later. The main thing is that the table is… Read more »

Pulled Back Again

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The chaos of earlier in the week is more or less tidied back, huttah. You’ll also notice that the desk looks less… orange, probably. Maybe. Z ordered me some new bulbs, so my area is bathed in clean, bright, white light. It’s glorious. But it also makes it feel not as bright? I don’t know. Nicer on the eyes though…. Read more »