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I was adjusting Poison’s nest, when I realised that Z’s jumper was behind the pillow, instead of being spread out like a blanket. I wasn’t sure of the best approach, so I chucked it on top of her. She gave me a look, but tolerated it until I came immediately back up and quickly put her on top of it. She’s there now being cute; I keep running over to give her kisses and tell her she’s the best. Because she isssssssss.

Today was the kids’ last day of term. Z and I are on the clock next week, but I’m mainly caught up, so should be like… in reserve? If Z needs me to pitch in on something, I’ll try. Otherwise, I’m going to feel cheeky and enjoy a slow week feeding into two weeks off.

What else… the thread I ordered came in! First pass on flags, and I’m going to need to do a second for a bit more colour matching/tweaking. I found a useful tool to help try to get a smidge closer. Winstitch is great, and it does the best it can, but this tool means that I put a bit more eye on it, yanno? But also, if I can get more at that ridiculously good price, I really should. 😀


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