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I was looking around to see if I could find DMC threads at a good price. I was just about to accept that the price on the DMC website was best, I found it for nearly half that at Wool Warehouse. I ran loads of pride flags through my pattern software and made a spreadsheet of colours, and then just went nuts. I got so much for so little and I am legit excited. I still like knitting and crochet, but it’s obvious cross-stitch is what my soul wants right now. Therapeutic stabbing, amirite.

It was also a good top-off to a productive day. Fingers crossed, it’s looking like I can get my workload more or less caught up tomorrow. After trailing behind myself for so long, it’s a relief to know I’m not going to hit the new year buried. Like, the new system means that it’s okay if I slip back, but like… I just need a positive spin on getting to the end of this darn year.

Right, I’mma scoot.


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