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Replacement Service

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And just like that, a new and improved Fuck Apple graces my wall. I’m glad I made the decision to do it. Now I’ve got to figure out what I’m doing next, heh. I still have a sock on the go, but I haven’t been feeling the knittiest. I’ve got blanket squares I can start to join up, and I… Read more »


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Now. I enjoy having an Etsy shop. I thrill every time someone buys something. But dang, it’s been busy lately. I’m currently trying to refill some stock gaps that have occurred from all the sales in the past month; I normally am a wee bit more on top of it, but the things that I had marked as ‘backup’ also… Read more »

Yes. Good.

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The red I was missing came in today, so I was able to use like, almost nothing to fill it in. But heeey, not complaining about having another colour to work with! I’m very pleased with how the new apple is coming out, and I feel quite cheerful about my decision to replace the OG fuck apple. Not much past… Read more »


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And lo, house left for a short amount of time. Appointment went well, and swiftly for all the stages it had. The thing I was there to get checked out checked out fine, but I’ll be invited to attend again in a few weeks just to make sure that’s the case. Past that, just… tired. Had a slew of orders… Read more »


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I somehow managed to completely forget that I have an appointment at the hospital tomorrow — never mind that I’ve been making sure to have all the pre-steps completed in a timely-ish fashion. Z reminded me, asked what time… well. It’s dumb early, 10:30am, but whatever. I’ll feel better when it’s in the bag, which shouldn’t take too long according… Read more »


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And lá, the tree is in situ. The ornaments haven’t gone on yet, but Nanny has the honour of supervising that here in a bit. We’ve managed a few bits around the house today, and yesterday. Z has been good about trying to keep the momentum rolling. I’m trying to make myself do little bits, like, if I see a… Read more »

Tree Hole

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Z and I had one particular task today — to get a storage unit out of the lounge in preparation for getting the tree up. There’s still a few bits that need processing, but at least the space is made. I have had THE worst headache today. It took awhile to push it back, during which I spent a lot… Read more »


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I decided that I wanted to get started on my cross-stitching when I went over to visit Mum today. Made a smidge of progress, but mainly, we had a good natter. I love her so much, hee hee. I’m glad we can talk about just about anything, and time definitely got away from us. Otherwise, work, gaming, so on. Looking… Read more »

Dry Eyes

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My eyes are super dry today, and it’s doing my nut in. I’ve put in eyedrops a couple of times. I’m currently typing this blind (because, let’s be fair, I can type better and faster than most people with my eyes closed, so this is absolutely an unhumblebrag *grins*). Past that… not a lot. It’s been a pain all day…. Read more »

Begin Again

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I’ve thought about it, and I’ve decided that I am going to replace my OG fuck apple with the one I designed. Like, I’m glad it spawned off a creative thing, but let’s get something prettier up there. I don’t know how soon I’m going to get stuck into that, but I’ve got my cloth prepped and the pattern printed… Read more »