Pulled Back Again

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The chaos of earlier in the week is more or less tidied back, huttah. You’ll also notice that the desk looks less… orange, probably. Maybe. Z ordered me some new bulbs, so my area is bathed in clean, bright, white light. It’s glorious. But it also makes it feel not as bright? I don’t know. Nicer on the eyes though. Those are hurting less today in general, even without the change of light. I guess it was just a weird allergy response for a few days? Obviously, my brain tried to doomspiral in all sorts of charming ways, but yanno, that’s brains for you.

But anyways! It’s been an okay day. It’s the newest season of Diablo III, so I once again find myself visiting the various Hells and whatnot. And for the purpose of the craft slot… I always need more hearts. 🙂


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