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*pats face*

This face, she is a good face. I like my face. I’m also lacking in interesting photos for the day too, so you get my face. La! It’s fine though. I think that while some insist this whole ‘obsession’ with self is narcissistic, I prefer to think of it as radical self-love. Society and the media says I should be ashamed and unhappy unless I buy wrinkle creams and make-up and serums and lose weight and become ‘acceptable’, and nope. I don’t have any time for any of that. I don’t in part ’cause a total lack of spoons as my baseline, but also? Because I like my face, as already stated. *grins*

I managed another day of not doing much, and sleeping in. I feel a tiny bit bad about the sleeping in, if only because it makes me feel so much more human. I’ve wondered if I could get the same sort of effect by going to bed earlier, but I know it probably wouldn’t work. I am hard-wired as a night person, and that makes this having to be alive during the day hard. Keeping a sleep schedule helps me make the most of it, but it’s still brutal. I’m pretty sure the second that I don’t *have*  to be awake during (at least the earliest) daylight hours, I’ll switch to some sort of evening/night schedule. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll get lucky and my system will overwrite itself before that point, but I’m not going to count on it.

For now, off to filling up my pill box, woo.


2 thoughts on “Totally Radical

    1. Raeyn Post author

      I’m aware of this from friends who actually have it. I definitely don’t. I’ve always, ever since I was small, worked better on a night schedule. Z is much the same way. Before kids, we didn’t start working until after noon, and it was grand, and it suited us admirably. Alas, not an option with work as it is, and with kids. 🙂


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