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Littlerbit starts nursery next month, and one of the things that they are required to have at school is a pair of wellies for wet play. Littler loves wellies, so popped them on the second she got near them. I don’t know why it charms me so that she can put them on by herself, but she can.

She didn’t get to show them off when she went to see her grandparents, though. They were happy to take the girls for a few hours, so Z and I were able to enjoy some down time alone. As much as we love the girls, I think most parents can appreciate how healing a bit of space is. We get a little bit most weekends from his parents, and man, is good. *nodnods* And with my chronic fatigue, us actually taking advantage of a free moment is best done earlier in the day, if you get my drift. *winks*

Today has been taken up in the usual things — gaming and knitting. Though the gaming has been mainly retro; with Z playing Dragon Quest Builders, I took it back to the beginning and booted up the emulator to play Dragon Warrior. It is totally 95% grinding levels, 4% being annoyed that you have to use a command to use stairs, and about 1% story, but it was one of my favourite games as a kid because I am obviously a total masochist. Having said that, I’ve got the speed rammed up so that the emulator is pipping along quite quickly, so I’m relatively flying through the grinding.

Anyhoos, back to all of that. Ta ra!


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