Creeping Along

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Because it’s got sort of a vine motif, get it? Get it? Yeah sorry-not-sorry, I continue with the horrible jokes. I continue to be happy that I restarted though. I’m moving through it with a lot more confidence, and am able to tell where I made mistakes before I get too far past them. Most importantly, I’m not panicking and wanting to check the stitch count every row, which is a marked improvement (and means I’m not wasting tonnes of time and energy checking over and over). I *did* do a count on the row I just finished because I was pretty sure I was a short a stitch, and even knew where… and I was. So I fixed it, no problem, mucho knitting satisfaction.

Today was a day of the fussy tot. Which is to say, I got her down for a nap alright, and thank goodness I ate during it because once she woke up she sobbed until her father and sister got home. I guess it was about an hour? I kept trying to pull her off of me enough that I could look her in the eye and talk to her, but she threw herself back around my shoulders. She finally slid onto the floor and then complained about that, so I went to the bathroom. By the time I’d gotten back, she’d curled up on the couch and was magically happy. Toddlers, eh? *chuckles*

Today is also the nth anniversary of the first time I met Z in person. We were in other relationships at the time and just both happened to be attending the same weekend-long gathering. He certainly caught my eye, though I didn’t make anything of it because I felt secure in the relationship I was in — ah ha ha ha ha, anything but, it turned out. It was a weird weekend on the whole best remembered through rose-tinted lenses, but knowing that’s where our story sort of started makes me smile.

I am going to get back to my knitting now. Hope y’all all have a good day.


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