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Hahah, it’s late, so late. But it was a really good night out. It was a small group, only five of us, but it was a candid and friendly environment with lots of good chatter and crafting and the usual silliness. I had some rather edifying conversations that made me feel less alone in the world. I also managed to get a few rows knitted without messing up too badly, so hooray for that as well.

I saw someone trying to argue with one of my sisters on Facebook about the whole Snoop Dogg//Trump debacle and it’s like, really. You sir, are a moron. He was a moron for many reasons (starting with trying to argue against my sister with no actual facts or evidence), but I think my favourite snippet that I saw in passing that made me comment was that the only people who like Snoop are drug addicts and drop-outs. So I made a single comment pointing out that I had no idea Buzz Aldrin was a drug addict or a drop-out. Last I heard, astronauts were generally required to have a high level of education. But maybe that’s just me. On the whole, I have liked everything I’ve ever heard Snoop be a part of, and am beyond charmed at his love of organic gardening, and British sitcom Coronation Street. Really though, my sister is a super-logical, reasoned discussion person and this guy is just not even. *chuckles*

Right, late late to bed, I’m off.


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