Puny Party

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Today was one of those odd days where Littlerbit wanted to be attached to me the entirety of the day. That included well after Z got home from work; even if she deigns to snuggle me, she abandons me the second he gets in. But nope, I was what she wanted, and I gave her lots of it. I didn’t give her 100% of what she wanted because I needed to do things like oh, eat, but she got most of it. And I managed to work around her, so that helped keep my anxiety from spiking and making our day a miserable one.

Or more miserable, better to say. I’m not sure exactly what her grade of puny is, but Smallhausen has a rather heavy cold, and I was congested enough last night that I was probably waking myself up with my own snoring (Z confirmed that I was snoring, so whups). I will have to remember to bust out the Olbas oil tonight, and hopefully we’ll both have a better night for it. I should also consider making a Lemsip and seeing if that helps as well, maybe with a bit of honey…

As for knitting, I’m only just starting to poke at it for the night. I’m bemused that I made it not that far into the row before making a mistake; thankfully, I didn’t have to pick back more than a few stitches to fix it. This attempt at the shawl is going better because I am making sure to be aware of the stitch pattern on the row before. You’d think that would be common sense, but I’m a bit dense sometimes, ha ha. I don’t know if I am going to work on it tomorrow night, but I’m hopeful that maybe I can focus on it. After all, I go into tomorrow evening with a degree of ease. We’ve established where we are sitting and who is coming. I’ve managed to drag myself through the bath, and therefore feel vaguely human-shaped. The main potential bar to anything right now, whether it be the act of knitting or going out to knit is whether or not this cold gets any further blown. I was feeling a bit whomp-whomp-whomp in the ears earlier, so I’m hoping that isn’t indicating an ear infection-level of head cold.

Anyhoos. I should go find a beverage and see if I can get some knitting done without messing it up too badly. Hope all of y’all out there are having a good evening/day/thing.


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