Back to Square… Something

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I fudged something very slightly on the last row of the pattern, but I can’t see what it is and I had the right number of stitches on the whole, so I call it a job well done. I’ve started the second iteration of the pattern, and hope to make some good progress tonight. Or at least, progress, hee hee.

I was bemused last night when I was going to bed. For some reason, my brain felt the need to compose a telling off of someone(s), and it’s like brain, really? You choose now to work yourself up?! There was a legit adrenaline surge from it and I was not impressed. I reminded myself that such a confrontation isn’t likely to happen, and even if it might need to, it doesn’t change the fact that I am done being the one saying what everyone is thinking, only to find myself abandoned with my pants down. No thanks. I, like most people, don’t like confrontation, but I’ve had a history of trying to bring it to a head to get it over with. It was actually something my OCD did to me, which was… well, not a pleasant situation to be in. I’m glad that I’ve managed to get my brain to work past that for the most part.

I can’t think of much else to add. Work got done, childling was taken care of… it was alright.


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