‘Til the Landslide…

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My desk is starting to get all disorganised and mishy-mashy again. As long as things don’t fall off, I don’t really care that much right now. I would ideally like to get it sorted again in the near future, but that’s contingent on feeling vaguely like a human. I don’t feel that human right now, so. And now a couple of my teeth have suddenly jumped into the ‘pay attention to meeee’ game and I cannot even. Grump.

Having said that, still in a fairly decent mood. I work hard to try to cultivate one to spite my body being a dick. Like, if anyone directed the level of stiff cheer at me that I apply to myself, I would probably punch them in the face. It’s different when you’re doing it to yourself, you know?

And speaking of inflicting, it seems that we’re going to see Brexit kicked off on the 29th… sigh. I didn’t vote to have a leopard eat my face, and NOBODY voted for that particular leopard to be Prime Minister. I’m not looking forward to seeing what happens, but it’ll probably be the richer getting richer and the poorer getting poorer. I’m trying to not think about it too much; I’ve only just managed to get my head together enough to where I don’t mind watching the news here and again.

Anyways. Knitting. Back to that.



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