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Setting In

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Today’s knitting is… sewing. And then more sewing. I got halfway around on the first sleeve and had to rip it out because it looked horrible. And it looked horrible because I always think that I remember how to set in sleeves without checking (hint: I really don’t xD). I’m making pretty good headway on the second sleeve, so hopefully… Read more »

Slow Progress

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I’m in the boring sewing-up stage of having made a toy. I’ve got the head and body joined, and one of the legs attached; the other is pinned on so I have a vague idea of where to place it. It will still probably take me a couple of tries because this is absolutely not my forte, but I want… Read more »

Hooray for Alternatives

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I’ve been getting bit a bit by anxiety and insomnia the last couple of nights, and then I topped it off last night by forgetting to take my meds until Z reminded me that I’d forgotten. Whups. Thankfully, the bed in the guest bedroom is a magic fixative for me when I’m in dire straights. The room is the coldest… Read more »